Join the first VR-based PVP boxing league, where you can play to earn as you compete against other DAOFightLeague boxers. 

Welcome To DAOFightLeague

Hey DFL Fighter! With great pleasure and honor, you have been invited into the DAOFightLeague. This membership allows elite individuals to compete in virtual reality boxing matches, Player versus Player (PvP), as you go head to head with other fighters around the globe. This is the world’s first virtual reality boxing league! Compete, rank up, and gain a chance to win substantial earnings.

Joining DAOFightLeague


Follow DAOFightLeague on social media.


Before you get in the ring, join the Alpha Discord to stay up to date with DAOFightLeague’s latest contenders and releases.

NFT Drop

Purchase your DFL NFT. Your NFT is your membership. Make sure you’re in the DAOFightLeague Discord to be alerted on DAOFightleague’s NFT drop. Only NFT owner’s can be verified for tournament participation.


Show the world you have what it takes to be the DFL Champion! Competition sign-ups will be posted here. Get verified, get training, and be ready.

Join The DFL Discord!

Ultimate K.O. Strategy


DFL has secured partnerships with T3House and The Lion Press Inc. as our leads on marketing and branding. DFL actively develops meaningful partnerships, including relationships with boxing gyms, leading VR developers, and seeking professional fighters to join DFL. Stay tuned as we post partnership updates.

Contact us to join the DFL partnership.


DFL is connecting with the top influencers in the video game and boxing industry. We’re committing $50k of the initial minting towards marketing partnerships and advertising.


We would not have a DAO if we did not have a community. The most important part to us is developing a transparent relationship with our community. As well as bridging the gap between the boxing community and vr gamers using blockchain technologies.

DAO Development

DFL has chosen Squads as its DAO considering its functionality and integration with the Grape protocol. Once the DFL DAO is successfully launched, VR integration will occur through open APIs, and P2E matches will begin on a schedule decided by DFL DAO members.

Fighter Earnings

The first place fighter will earn up to $60,000 with full membership participation. DFL’s tournaments will take place twice monthly, this is an opportunity to make up to $60k twice a month!

Tournament breakdown payments coming soon. 


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Yes, to keep DAO governance fair and promote growth of DFL, there is a limit of one NFT per wallet address.

Mint dates will be disclosed on our Discord and socials. Make sure you are a member of the Discord or following us on social media for updates.

There are a total of 9,999 NFT available for minting.

Our website will be updated with the capability to mint from our website, or you can go directly to Magic Eden’s NFT marketplace.

The NFT is your membership pass to DAOFightLeague. You will be able to join the DAO and compete in tournaments by verifying your wallet owns the DFL NFT.

A DAO is a governance mechanism, it allows members of the DAO to participate in decision making through voting and the ability to bring requests to the DAO for members to vote on.

Here is a DAO explained on

You will need a Phantom wallet, which can be added to your Chrome browser as an extension or downloaded on Android/iOS. Next, you will need to deposit Solana into your Phantom wallet. Solana can be purchased on Coinbase and sent from your Coinbase account right to your Phantom wallet.

Own a DFL NFT. Have access to a VR headset with the participating game downloaded (Game announcement coming soon). Pay the 0.35 Solana tournament fee.